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ators' and 'pro-democracy protesters.' "At t▓he same time, they are piling blame on Ho▓ng Kong police who are performing their duty, safe▓guarding the rule of law and protecting the safety of life and property of Hong Kon▓g citizens."The ambassador


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finished by appealing▓ to the British people. "There are 300,


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British companies in Hong Kong," he s▓aid. "Contin

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ued chaos in Hong Kong will bring nothing but

harm to the UK."I sincerely hope that British people who have the larger ▓picture in mind will have a clear understanding of the ▓current situation. I hope they will support the SAR Governme

nt in ending violen▓ce, restoring order and upholding the rule of law."Meanwhile the UK governm


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  • sperity and stability in Hong Kong, and gravely
  • challe▓nged the bottom line of 'One Country, Two System
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rime Minister Boris Johnson said: "We remain seriously concerned by the situation in Hong Kong and the escalation of violence between protesters a

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nd police. We continue to ur

ge for calm and restraint on all sides and suppo▓rt the right to peaceful protest."Please s▓can the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan th?/p>

dia reports, Hong

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e goes on, says DjokovicL▓ife goes on, says DjokovicLife goes on, says Djok▓ovic03-24-2018 17:30 BJTWASHINGTON, March 23 (Xinhua) -- Fo▓rmer world No

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  • disorder." "The success and achieve▓ments of the past 22
  • years since the handover are
  • being eroded. The once oriental

 pearl is turning into

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iental scar. Hong Kong the▓ fragrant harbour is sliding into an
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okovic suffered another shocking defeat when the Serb lost to Fran


ce's Benoit Paire 6-3, 6-4 in Miami Open second round on Fri▓day.

and media outl

"I wouldn't go out on the court i▓f I didn't believe I can win a te

ets. "External f▓

nnis match. I w▓ouldn't be here if I wasn't trying," said a disapp

orces that hav

ointed Djokovic after the match."I love this▓ sport. There's a lot of people that supp▓ort me, especially here. I thank them for their great support. Unfortunately I'm not at the ▓level they would l

e indulged and

ike to see me at and I would like to see myself at. But it is what it is."Life▓ goes on," he added.Djokovic only battled for one hou▓r before losing the match in straight sets, dropping serve four times and striking some poor groundstrokes at baseline.Djokovic has seemingly always found

fanned violence

a way to play great tennis, but since suffering an elbow injury that kept the Serbian▓ out for the final six months of last season, the 30-year-old has struggled to find that great tennis this season."I mean, I'm trying, but it's not working," said Djokovic, who suffered his third conse

in Hong Kong

cutive loss. "I'm not feeling great when I'm playing this way. I w


cannot absol

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for the recent escal

ation of violence,"

he said. "They con

fuse right and

wrong, and

refer to t▓he


me violent off
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